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An Update

“Happiness is not by chance, but by choice” -Jim Rohn

Hello fellow bakers! I wanted to give y’all an update, something that I’m not too keen on doing. I just don’t like feeling like I’m coming up with an excuse as to why I haven’t posted, and want to just get back to posting, but there is a legitimate reason why I’ve been gone for almost a year. I’ve gone back to school. I’ve been getting my master's degree in information and library science, with the goal of becoming a school or public librarian. It has been a struggle for me to balance what I love to do, baking and blogging, and keeping up with a school workload while maintaining a job simultaneously. I can’t help feeling guilty and let down by myself for not being able to handle doing both. But then I remembered why I started Keep Bakes in the first place.

When I started this blog I was at a loss of where I wanted to go with my life. I knew I liked to write and that I had this hobby of baking, but I didn’t know where life was pulling me. I felt cast out into space, untethered to anything grounded and safe and floating in an endless void. Then came along the decision to do what makes me happy. I started the blog with the quote “It is not doing what you like, but liking what you do that is the secret of happiness.” I wanted to like what I was doing for once. I want to choose to like what I’m doing again.

Don’t get me wrong, I like working in a library and I like learning about information science things (yeah real nerdy stuff, I know), but I also don’t want to give up on the other things that I like to do, and that includes baking. Now I have a plan. Yes a structured plan that involves the use of a planner and color-coded pens with felt tips, yes that is definitely what is going on behind the scenes. I want to start blogging twice a week. Sometimes that blog will be a new bake, sometimes not. I will try my best to get a new bake every month. I will also be more diligent about posting more on the journey of sourdough page.

Other things to look forward to with this blog are exciting new things to look out for as I slowly make them be things I will do on a regular basis. I would like to record more podcasts, that's a thing. I’m also an avid reader and book lover (hence the whole getting a library science degree idea came about) and would like to start a book club. All these new changes will be announced in a monthly newsletter that I will send out at the beginning of each month. With the mindset of putting goals out into the universe to hopefully make them come true, I would like to state what I would like to see this blog do in the next five or seven years or so. I want to have merch. Yes, fun merchandise that people can buy and use. I want to publish my own cookbook of baking recipes. And most of all I would like to build a following. I want to be more active on my social media sites, and engage with bakers out there that just want to keep baking.

There. I’ve said my piece and counted to three (anyone get that reference?). I’m not sure if putting my goals out there is a good move on my part but, hey, I’m posting again. So here is the official update. I’m 24 going to be 25 this year in 2022. I’m going to be a librarian someday, and I’m going to be a successful blogger and baker too. I have some great baking topics and baking recipe ideas for you all. Raise a spatula for choosing happiness, instead of waiting for happiness to find you.

Keep baking my readers,

-Keep Bakes.

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