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Journey of


Sourdough is the most primitive way to make bread. By using natural yeast, sourdough creates its own culture of bacteria and yeast. The only things needed to make a starter are flour and water.  

There is something about sourdough that makes me obsessed. I've always been enthusiastic about bread, what is there not to love about encrusted chewy softness filled with carbs? But sourdough has such a unique process that is completely dependent on where it is in its environment. Depending on what yeast and bacteria are in a kitchen every sourdough is not created equal. A sourdough in San Francisco has a very distinguished flavor that is different from anywhere else. Besides where you are in the world it also depends on the baker. A sourdough starter is like a pet if you don't feed it, nurture it, cuddle it, and give it the attention the culture of yeast and bacteria will die. There is something about this process of taking care of a starter before even thinking about baking a loaf is what intrigues me the most.  


This project is a documentation of my own journey with sourdough. Educating myself with hands-on research and reading I'm determined to learn how the process of sourdough is made, and the types of bread I can make with it. I also am looking forward to experimenting with different flours and flavors with sourdough starters. All of the research and baking is to explore the boundaries of sourdough bread. I hope you enjoy this sourdough journey with me and make new discoveries on baking bread.


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